Oil Emulsions Treatment

Oil Emulsions Treatment

Our  Oil Emulsions Treatment Plants are designed to treat exhausted emulsions (3-5% of oil) so as to obtain an oily concentrate with a modest water content and a clarified water and surfactant to be disposed through purification . The emulsion consists of two normally immiscible components (water and oil) which, thanks to emulsifying chemical agents (surfactants) form a stable system formed by microscopic oily particles (micelles) which remain suspended in a metastable state. In particular, Ingegneria Alimentare produces plants able to treat used oil emulsions to separate oil and water for traditional purification.

To do this we use the hot separation technology followed by a vacuum concentration. Each plant is designed on customer briefing and ready to “plug-and-play”.

Our standard system consists of the following functional steps:

▶ Storage of the material to be treated. The storage part consists of silos of various sizes, from preparation silos and homogenization of the product to be treated

▶ Hot treatment plant for oily emulsion

▶ Secondary separation by concentration

In addition to the design of the entire plant, Ingegneria Alimentare takes care of the production of the storage part, of the piping, of the heat pump concentrator and of the design of the computerized synoptic electrical panel. We also take care of the construction, positioning and commissioning of pumps, valves and sensors. Finally, we also deal with the plant for capturing and filtering both gaseous and liquid emissions.