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Our Tunnel Pasteurizer

Ingegneria Alimentare designs and manufactures both single-stage and multi-stage tunnel pasteurizers with heat recovery. Tunnel pasteurizers are perfect for pasteurization and industrial production of pasteurized foods such as fruit or vegetable juices, tomato juice, jams, pickles, preserves, sauces, canned or bottled drinks, jams and for the production of food concentrates. Each of our products, created to meet the standards set by the most recent European directives, is completely customizable according to customer needs.

Our tunnel pasteurizers are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are completed with completely inspectable external heat exchangers. The electrical panel is complete with a temperature recording system with wireless control probes, and in the computerized version, which can be controlled online, allows total automation of the system. We produce continuous and batch pasteurizers, both steam and water circulation. In our production the cooling tunnels are also included.

Tunnel pasteurizers are developed in several sections including: heating sections, pasteurization sections and cooling sections. The heating and cooling sections are designed to be self-heating for minimum energy consumption, while the pasteurisation sections are designed to obtain the right number of pasteurization units. The pasteurisers are equipped with a single conveyor belt and a series of nozzles sized according to the pasteurization requirements. The tunnel pasteurizers are suitable for all finished and bottled fluids.

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Pastorizzatori a tunnel e multieffetto ingegneria alimentare SRL
Tunnel Pastourizers