Mini Brewery and Micro Brewery

The best beers with Ingegneria Alimentare SRL solutions

Ingegneria Alimentare SRL has a full range of mini brewery and micro brewery for the production of artisan beer. Alongside the production of standard lines, we can customize each plant based on specific customer requirements. We handle all of our plants with the best materials and the latest technology available because our products are flexible and customizable according to the brewing needs of all size breweries.
All of our systems are made entirely of a single AISI 304/316 stainless steel monobloc and complete with all the components required for the development of the finished product. We therefore make “plug and play” micro-breweries that simply connect to the power grid and water supply. For all of us, we have the option of being automated with a computerized and controllable online synoptic electric panel.
Our basic bedding, recommended for pubs, features a double / triple-sized single / double-baking system. However, we come up with 4 teens up to 3.000l in double glazing. The plants can be continuously and batched, both with vapor and diathermic oil, and can be equipped with an electric or gas steam generator. The electronic phase control is operated by PLC with touch screen.

The plants can be automated with a computerized and online controllable electronic synoptic panel .

In general, the plant consists of:

  • – Tinned tin, filter for double tin kettle plants
  • – Boiling tin, whirlpool for double tin kettle plants
  • – Tin of Grant
  • – Plate or tube heat exchanger
  • – Electronic phase process control via PLC with touch screen

The tanks we produce are always manufactured in accordance with the most stringent regulations in force. Types range from the fully controlled thermo-controlled fermenter to the pressurized maturators with immersion refrigeration plates. They can be simple or under pressure, with steam circulation, diathermic oil or coolant.

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