Washing tanks

Washing Tanks

Ingegneria Alimetare SRL design and manufacture a wide range of washing tanks for the processing of fruit and vegetables. All our design is manufactured with the customers needs and respecting all the national and international standards regarding food processing and preservation. The systems are then assembled and tested at the customer and guaranteed for 2 years. We carefully select the raw material we process using only the CE marked one.

The washing and selection line of the product consists of a bubbling washing machine and a multi-position selection and sorting table. It is entirely made of AISI 304/326 stainless steel and guarantees a perfect and uniform cleaning of both floating and precipitating fruit and vegetables. In Ingegneria Alimentare we also use modern water purification techniques following the treatment of “cold plasma“; in this way it is possible to reduce the use of water by up to 30%. All our tanks are highly customizable; For example, it is possible to introduce instruments for measuring quantities directly in line and can be equipped with measuring instruments to verify the salinity or the sugary concentration of the products to be treated.

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