Heat exchangers


Our high contact surface heat exchangers and coolers can be used for many purposes but mainly for the rapid cooling and heating for food plants. Their use is particularly indicated for liquid food products, such as milk and vegetable juices, fruits and vegetables. A typical use concerns, for example, the use of exchangers and coolers as a module for the milk pasteurization unit. They consist of superimposed plates assembled on a single frame, easy to clean, replace and maintain. Furthermore, the modularity of this type of exchanger makes it possible to achieve different performances depending on the number of plates used. These plates are designed to direct the fluids towards a defined flow, such as to obtain high efficiency in the heat exchange.

Plate heat exchangers are the most efficient type of heat exchanger because of the low cost, flexibility, ease of maintenance and high heat exchange rate. The plate heat exchanger consists of a specific number of plates fixed between an upper transport bar and a lower guide bar. The plates are compressed by means of tie rods between a fixed frame plate (the head) and a movable frame. The fluids enter the plate heat exchanger through the frame inlets, are distributed between the plates and routed by the gasket positioning. They are available in single or multiple pass mode. The corrugations of the Ingegneria Alimentare plates are designed to obtain turbulence on the entire contact area. This produces high heat transfer coefficients, low pressure drops and a lower pressure drop as possible, allowing close temperature ranges. Subsequently, this means that the required contact area is smaller, smaller units and, in some cases, fewer exchange units.

This greatly benefits the customer by requiring less space, reduced utility ranges and smaller pumps.

Scambiatore/ Concentratore per le industrie alimentari - Ingegneria Alimentare SRL
Scambiatore/ Concentratore per le industrie alimentari – Ingegneria Alimentare SRL

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Heat exchangers and plate coolers for the food industry