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Lavaggio CIP – Clean in place washing

The Cleaning In Place plant, or CIP Washing, is an automatic cleaning system used to ensure that production lines are cleansed of organic and inorganic contaminants. Substantially a recirculation, at certain pressures and temperatures, of liquids and detergent solutions for rinsing is carried out. The CIP systems are made up of tanks for the various liquids used, from pumps for the circulation of fluids, and from stations for heating them. All washing and rinsing operations are managed electronically. CIP processes allow the cleaning of production equipment without them having to be moved or disassembled; for this, however, the application of the CIP system to the plant must be assumed since its design phase. In the double phase CIP washes, so called because there are 2 wash steps in succession one after another, the chemical products normally used are:

– caustic solutions able to remove fat and protein layers

– acid solutions to eliminate mineral deposits.

There is also the possibility of carrying out the washing with a single alkaline phase. In this case chelating agents such as EDTA are used which, reacting with calcium and other metals, deconstruct the deposits and facilitate their elimination.

In both cases, the negative aspects must be assessed: the single-phase systems require the use of substances which, as in the case of EDTA, have proven to create non-negligible environmental problems; vice versa in the double phase systems the consumption of water, reagents and energy will be greater. On the other hand, CIP systems allow water and detergents to be used in strictly necessary quantities and therefore to avoid waste; often they are equipped with purification systems, through sedimentation and ultrafiltration, functional to the reuse of detergent solutions, which are used, for example, for the pre-rinsing of the equipment.

Main characteristics:

– Online control of all process variables

– Automatic dosing of chemical products

– User Friendly supervision and management

– Steam or electric tubular heat exchangers

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